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    Chikmagalur, the Land of Coffee is well known for the coffee plantations and pr...

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      The best time to visit Chikmagalur is between September and March. Fo...

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I extend my thanks To Ms Vimala for helping me on our trip to Chikmangalur. She is very quick in arranging tours & if its any last minute changes then she is the best. I took the cab from her and the quality of the driver as well as the vehicle was very good. Her knowledge about chikmagalur loca...

Ravi Chandra
Jan 05, 2013

Homestay in Chikmagalur

Coffeeland Homestay



Coffee Land Homestay is situated in the lap of nature just 14kms away from Chikmagalur Town, overlooking enchanting hills that offers nirvana, combination of wilderness, solitude and luxurious comfort. Coffee Land Homestay offers a get away from the stressful and insane life of the city. Recharge yourself with the purest of oxygen in cottage nestled amidst coffee estates of Chikmagalur.







In the vicinity of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary and amidst the scenic beauty of Malnad's lush evergreen tropical forest, Chandramukuta home stay stands surrounded by habitual green coffee plantations and the intoxicating aroma of black pepper creepers. Situated in the mountain range of western ghats, located at 20kms from Chikmagalur town towards 'Muthodi' forest (Bhadra wildlife sanctuary). Come feel the experience of hospitality at its best at Chandramukuta, one place to revitalize yourselves.





In the vicinity of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary and amidst the scenic beauty of Malnad's lush evergreen tropical forest, Chandramukuta home stay stands surrounded by habitual green coffee plantations and the intoxicating aroma of black pepper creepers. Situated in the mountain range of western ghats, located at 20kms from Chikmagalur town towards 'Muthodi' forest (Bhadra wildlife sanctuary).

Sabyatha Homestay

Escape to the peace and tranquility of Sabyatha Homestay, nestled amidst lush coffee bushes on the range of hills. We have opened up our ancestral plantation home and offer a glimpse into the planters life. Sabyatha Homestay is the perfect place to unwind and take in all that nature has to offer.





Greendale Homestay


An open window, a sweep of morning breeze engulfed in the taste and aroma of rich coffee, one wakes up amidst the 100 acres of lush green coffee plantation. Set in the valley of prestine Bababudan mountain ranges, climbing a winding road covered with mist.





Mountain Valley Homestay


Hearty hospitality has always remained one of the most valued fine traditions of the Indian culture. A guest visiting in our home stay is always considered to be a representative of God. You are invited to experience and share the unique hospitality.






Mount Woods Homestay

mountwood house

Mount woods homestay is a part of Mountain valley homestay & its just 5Kms from Chikmagalur.Hearty hospitality has always remained one of the most valued fine traditions of the Indian culture. A guest visiting in our home stay is always considered to be a representative of God. You are invited to experience and share the unique hospitality.





Red Berry Homestay


Red Berry Home Stay is situated in the foothills of mullayanagiri, the highest peak of Karnataka. It is only 10Km away from Chikmangalore town and is in the way of beautiful hills of bababudangiri. Red Berry is in the midst of lush green coffee plantation inthe valley of silver oaks.





Nature Craft Homestay


Nature Craft Home Stay is located on the Malandur Road, Bhadra Sanctuary Road. This home stay was opened to guests in 2005. The home stay is 150 km from Mangalore airport, 55 km from Kadur railway station and 9 km from Chikmagalur bus depot The hotel is 30 km from Mullayanagiri hills, 30km from Baba Budangiri, 60 km from Kalhatty falls (Kemannagundi).




Spectrum Homestay

spectrum hom

Its a great pleasure that you have stay with Spectrum Homestay and hope that you have a Memorable experience and a comfortable stay with Spectrum Home Stay. The Spectrum Home stay is located 10 Kms from heart of Chikmagalur its 10Minutes drive. Surrounded by coffee estates and independent houses (very safe location because of houses and resident). Home stay provides Homely food make you feel a Home away from home.



Thippanahalli Homestay

Thippanahalli home

Situated 10 Kms from Chikmagalur, on the slope of the Bababudanagiri Hills at an elevation of 4100 ft with a breath taking backdrop of Mullaiahnagiri the tallest peak in Karnataka, is set amidst one of the prettiest locations in Karnataka. The exclusive and very private mansion has now opened its door to tourists to stay and have a truly heritage experience.





Woodway Homestay

woodway logo

Woodway is located 14kms from Chickmagalur and a convenient distance from many tourist spots such as the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Belur, Halebedu, Kemmanagundi and Ranganabetta. Woodway makes for an enjoyable getaway for the family in a warm and hospitable home style setting.





Beanstalk Bagmane Homestay

beanstalk house

 Beanstalk Bagmane Homestay is just 22Kms from chikmagalur & Just 13km to Bhardra Wildlife Santuary. Here you can find the running water streams( Halla in Kannada). Beautiful , mesmarizing green all over the homestay. Come, experience, rejuvinate and recharge yourself. eanstalk Bagmane Homestay is amidst of Mother Nature ( Near Mutthodi Forest ) on top of hill.




Thanmaya Homestay

Thanmaya Home

Thanmaya Homestay is situated near to Mullayyangiri. The highest peak of Karnataka and Bababudangiri an enduring symbol of Hindu muslim. Thanmaya is only 10km from Chikmagalur. And is located in between lush green coffe plants, away from the hectic world and its noice, pollution and traffic.





Bellimoda Homestay



Belli moda or ‘Silver Cloud’ is part of the Thippanahalli group of estates situated against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mullaiahnagiri Peak, the highest in Karnataka, along the slopes of the Bababudangiri Hills about 10 km from Chikmagalur.





Riverwoods Homestay


Riverwoods Chikmagalur homestay is set amidst 360 acres of Robusta coffee. Enter the confines of the plantation and the beautiful silhouettes of rolling hills beckon you. Riverwoods can be best described as a 60’s styled plantation bungalow with architecture and interiors that blurs the line between natural and man made. The bungalow is surrounded by a large garden area with a variety of fruit trees and open spaces to relax in.




Coffee County Homestay

coffeecounty home

Coffee County Homestay is in beautiful and lovely hillside of Chikmagalur and is set close to various Sight Seeing Places in the region. Situated amidst cool mystic surroundings, this Hillside homestay in Chikmagalur has a unique ambience of its own.






Lotus Pond Homestay

lotuspond home

Lotuspond Homestay is located 11 KM from Chikmagalur town at an altitude of around 4200 feet above sea level, nestled in the lower mountain ranges of the highest peak in Karnataka, “Mulayangiri”. Lotus Pond is an elegant plantation house situated among lush green coffee plantation and surrounded by beautiful gardens. It’s an ideal place for nature lovers and folks who are looking for an adventurous and relaxing holiday.




Scenic Acres Homestay

Scenic acres home

Scenic acres Homestay is located about 5 kms from Chickmagalur town on the way to Mullainagiri Hills. It is a cosy and a eco friendly colonial style cottage with variety of fruit and flowering trees all around creates a semblance of a mini heaven. This is an ideal place for a family holiday. A stay here is an experience that would be etched on your memory forever.





Gonakal Homestay

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Gonakal Homestay is Situated at just 24 ks from Chikmagalur, Gonakal Homestay has a history of more than 700 years earmarked by Tipu Sultan's visit and the reign of the Hoysalas. A famous temple dedicated to the triumphant warriors of the glorious past is at a stone throw distance. Dwelt by six generations of Royal family, Gonakal is located on the road connecting Chikmagalur and Tarikere.




Devigiri Homestay

Devigiri home

Devigiri Homestay is nestles in the Baba Budangiri range north of chikmagalur in Karnataka at around 4500 feet above sea level. A Home Stay retreat where one can discover the true untouched beauty & splendor of the enchanting Western Ghats. Devigiri has in it a plantation bungalow, built in an attractive rustic heritage style.




Athithi Homestay

athithi home

Athithi Homestay is located in Sanehadlu Estate, Herekolalla Post. The homestay is 172 km away from Mangalore airport, 55 km from Kadur railway station and 14 km from Chikmagalur bus depot The homestay is 6 km from Mullayanagiri hills, 10 km from Baba Budangiri and 6 km from Kalhatty falls (Kemannagundi).





The hiddenvalley homestay

Hiddenvalley home

Hiddenvalley Homestay Established in the year 2000, Aranha Homes operates a chain of professionally managed serviced apartments, guesthouses and conferencing facilities in Bangalore. The idea of ‘feel at home’ guest houses or home-stays was rather new in the earlier years. The soothing vistas of coffee plantations at The Hidden Valley and the fragrance of fresh coffee beans will linger in your memory long after you have left the holiday home behind.




Coffee Escape Homestay

Coffee escape home

Coffee Escape a home stay tucked away in the heart of coffee lands. It gives you the perfect opportunity to be one with nature. You have the luxury and comfort of home. If you’re looking for a real get away, far away from the city’s noise, pollution and monotony, then Coffee Escape is what you’re looking for. Here you can enjoy the exotic surroundings , spectacular mountains , lush green coffee plantation and breath-taking sunrise.





Coffee Village Homestay

coffee village home

Coffee Village Retreat was a lovely place to stay and enjoy the natural environment. Coffee village retreat is a perfect place for a great time and enjoyed every minute of it. Coffee Village Retreat is based at Kimmane Coffee Estate and belongs to the KTG Group from Shimoga. The group is one of the country's largest producer and traders of betel nut, and have been pioneers in the region, being instrumental for the development of the region in many arenas.




Ghatikallu Homestay

ghatikallu home

Ghatikallu Homestay is the perfect answer for a homely atmosphere. Relax with your family in their eco friendly and heritage form while you are on a trip in holiday. Homestay have the pleasure to treat its guests with pleasing hospitality and the best efficient services. It offers peace, privacy and pure relaxation to the guests.





Nammane Homestay

nammane home

Nammne means 'Our home'. While you visit this stately heritage estate house & want you to feel less of a guest and more at home. Nammane is a back to home experience in a location that has remained Karnataka's best kept secret. Nammane is the place to be in for the corporates who can choose from our seemingly endless array of adventure activities which include some spine chilling activities.




Villa Urvinkhan Homestay

Villa Urvinkhan home

Villa urvikhana which means "Dense Forest", a home stay located in the tropical rain forest of the tranquil, picturesque western ghats waiting to offer you that unique holiday experience. Villa Urvinkhan located in urvinkhan estate Chikmagalur, started in the 18th century produces some of the finest gourmet arabica coffees. The unique concept of creating a luxury resort with the warmth of a home was conceived and built by the owners Sunil and Shwetha.




Prakruthi Vasa Homestay

prakruthivasa home

Prakruthi Vasa home stay is situated in the midst of coffee plantation and has a scenic view of the Ballalarayana Durga, Ranijari waterfalls and coffee estate. The house has a nice garden surrounding the house to relax and enjoy the salubrious climate in peace. The atmosphere is pollution free at an elevation of 3200 feet above sea level and gives you a heavenly feeling when the clouds pass through you.




Koffeewoods homestay

Koffeewood home

Koffeewoods Home Stay is located in amidst dense forests of Western Ghats on the bank of river Hemavathi. It is a perfect holiday home where you can enjoy the serene beauty as well as the hospitality of malnad that makes you 'feel at home'. The picturesque view of mountains,waterfalls and coffee plantation leaves you mesmerised and you experience the freedom from the hassles of the day to day affairs.




Nestinggrounds Homestay

Nestinggrounds home

"Nesting Grounds" is the perfect place to be. Break away into the serenity and peaceful surroundings of Nesting Grounds and rejuvenate your senses. Located 3450ft. above sea level,Nesting Grounds is a home stay placed right on top of a hill -situated in the interiors of the coffee plantation region in Western Ghats. Surrounded by coffee estates what adds to the beauty of this home stay is that it offers a panoramic vista of the Sayadri mountain range, the lush green paddy fields that it overlooks and an impeccable view of the sunset.




CoffeeGudda Homestay

Coffeegudda home

CoffeeGudda offers complete isolation from the busy city life which most of us desperately want. It has various options for the adventure mongers as well as for those who prefer enjoying the nature without tiring their back. We provide comfortable accommodation at our home stay and authentic malnad cuisine that caters to both vegetarian and non vegetarian diets will take care of your taste buds.




Jungle greens Homestay

Jungle Greens home

Jungle Greens Home Stay Chickmagalur is a home to people who love nature so as to live life to the fullest. Jungle Greens especially welcomes you to our Home stay plan. We connect you on a guided tour of the Coffee Plantation.Whatever may be the season come and explore for yourself and feel this wonderful country in all its perfection.





Goodearth Homestay

Goodearth home

Good Earth Homestay is located towards Muthodi forest, Malandur. The homestay is just 180 km from Mangalore airport, 40 km from Kadur railway station and 15 km from Chikmagalur bus depot. Taking you back to an indigenous "Planters villa" where simplicity and harmony reigned supreme. The climate is mildly cool, just neither too cold, nor warm. Perfect. It's just like no other hill resort. All the time, it's like having put your AC on to a comfortable cool. Come, enjoy the glory of paradise.




Coffeebean Homestay


Coffee Bean homestay, located 20 kilometers from Chikmagalur covered with nature and greenery at a height of 3200 ft above sea level surrounded by hills. The 100 years old heritage home is nestled in the lush green Western Ghats.






Guddadamane Homestay

Guddadamane home1

Guddadamane homestay is located 24 kilometers from chikmagalur covered with nature and greenery at a height of 3200 ft above sea level surrounded by hills. The weather conditions is very cool and calm. This would be a wonderful place for family and friends to take a getaway. Guddadamane homestay 'Bungalow' is surrounded by Coffee plantation and hills which offer an abundance of trekking and relaxing opportunities to all.




Castlerock Homestay

Castlerock home

Castlerock Homestay is Located in very good Locality to roadside that connects from Chikmaglore to Sringeri. This home stay is around 22 kilometers from chikmangalore and very peace environment. Stay in Castlerock homestay for you may not get an opportunity to experience the best of place an earth.





Prakruthi Homestay

Prakruthi Home

‘Prakruthi Guddada Bangale’, literally means ‘Bungalow on Nature’s Hill’. True to its name, Prakruthi Guddada Bangale, which is the actual name of our property, is situated on a mountain top, in the midst of Nature’s abundance, where we cultivate coffee, tea, cardamom, pepper, paddy and arecanut. In this idyllic setting, we offer you a homely experience with the best of comforts, delicious food and the promise of adventure for those who have an inclination for it.